Membership Rates

There are 3 membership types all with their own perks:

  • Basic Membership: $25 per month
  • Premium Membership: $50 per month
  • Performance Membership: $100 per month

Membership Perks

Basic $25

  • Open play fees covered
  • 1 group lesson per month

Premium $50

  • Open play fees covered
  • 1-30 minute private lesson per month
  • 10% off additional lessons and tournament entry fees.

Performance $100

  • Open play fees covered
  • 4-30 minute private lessons per month
  • 15% off additional lessons and tournament entry fees.

Instructions to create membership:

To activate your membership click here or use the button below to get to the donate page and follow these instructions:

1) In the “other amount” box type in the price of your membership type.
2) In the “Use this donation for” drop down menu select “Creating my membership”
3) Check the box “Make this a monthly donation”

After that your membership is complete. You can cancel your membership at any time and your prepaid fees will still cover you through the end of that cycle.

Improve your game today!

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