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Examples of work by: Logan Zimmerman

3D Printed Ball Picker

Journey to production:

Blade Making with 3D printed parts/jigs

Other Prototype and 3D printed ideas:

3D prints for the club, customers, and family

3DP Quilting Foot demonstration:

Quick demonstration of the couching foot I designed for Bold Notion Quilting by the owner.

Random prints:

My Work

The Why

I have 15 years of experience in manufacturing from hands on techniques to programming automated equipment. I have enjoyed utilizing those skills to create brand new concepts good or bad as long as I can keep innovating and learning. This site is just one of my freelance jobs but the methods used here apply for so many other ventures I am interested in as well. I just love tinkering, testing, and being a “maker” I do this because I enjoy it.

Work With Me

I am willing to do special requests, if you have an idea you want help on we can work something out. I love the iterative design process and would be happy to work with you!

Follow Me

My portfolio showcases various commercial and personal projects created as I transition to doing the type of work I love. Subscribe to my site to get updated when I add new content and/or follow the club on social.

About Me

I’ll try to keep it short and sweet:

  • Military Vet: Aviation Electronics
  • Manufacturing: hand made GPS
  • Manufacturing: Field Service Engineer
  • Manufacturing: Sr. Maintenance Technician
  • State of FL: Database Developer
  • Degrees: BBA in Project Mangement and MBA in PGM
  • Personal: 3D printing, prototyping, Coaching, LOVE being a dad!

I worked for one of the best LASER dicing companies from Japan, supported CREE Inc. LED manufacturer with them, then transitioned to Peregrine Semiconductor on their test floor for 5 years supporting their automated equipment. After having children and moving closer to their Grand Parents I left that industry behind because its not in this city. After a while I got the itch to be working with and on automated equipment again and that’s how I found 3D printing. I haven’t looked back since, my wife might even be getting tired of hearing “Oh if you need one I can 3D print it!”

Out side of that I am an avid player/certified instructor both in Golf and Table Tennis. I played golf in college and used Table Tennis as my cardio (when you do it right it’s intense) after college I slipped further and further into TT. I met the College TT leagues president one thing led to another and that’s how the pong lab started!

My Clients


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